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Raise Your Words

As we decorate the Christmas tree, I find myself reflecting. This seems so simple and easy. Much easier than things I’ve recently been doing. But there's an underlying sense of tiredness that the excitement can’t seem to override and I don't know how to shake. Maybe I need a break? Renewal. Moments of nothingness.

My phone beeps. I automatically reach for it and check the message.

“Hi, just a quick check in :) Doctor was impressed with my blood results :) Said I look great! Only cholesterol up a little, but that’s cause of the cheese I eat! Lol lol. Thank you.”

The tiredness lifts. Yes, this year has been worthwhile and valuable.

If you’re feeling tired it’s for a reason. You’ve been doing something. And this something has a flow-on effect to the people around you which you might not be aware of. I sure appreciated the update and feedback from the client I’d worked with a few months ago. I had become more focused on who I was working with now. The daily list of things to get through. The things I wanted to get sorted by the end of the year.

As I watched a ladybird crawl through the Christmas tree, I took a moment to think of someone who had recently helped me. Then sent them a message thanking them. Maybe it would give them a boost like it gave me a boost. No need to wait for Christmas day or a holiday escape for the best present.

Pass it on.

Something to think about...

“Raise your words, not your voice.”

- Rumi


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