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"Mum, the ocean's making me sick."

Said a young girl, as she gripped the handrail.

I gave a half smile, understanding the truth behind this comment. When we feel something and connect it to something else, it does feel real. I remember a friend saying she didn’t like her name. A school teacher used to call out her name and tell her off in a nasty way for no particular reason all the time. Ever since then, hearing her name is connected with that feeling, even though no-one is telling her off.

It’s useful to double check with our feelings and explore what the real truth is.

Logically, staring at the ocean is associated with having a calming effect. The gentle ebb and flow of the waves soothes and relaxes the brain, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and slowing us down. Blue is associated with feelings of peace and calm. Studies have shown that being near the ocean improves mental wellbeing. Staring at the ocean can change our brainwaves to put us in a meditative state.

So how can looking at the ocean make you feel sick? For some reason the girl's mind had connected the two.

Our unconscious mind communicates to us through our emotions, physical sensations in our body and random thoughts. At times, these can seem a bit abstract and vague. They’re easy to misunderstand, which is why we need to check in and question ourselves.

“Where feels sick?” “When did you start to feel sick?” “What makes you say that?”

Or maybe a bit of extra exploring.

“Have you eaten something funny to make you feel sick?” “Did you look over the edge of the railing too quickly?” “How much water have you drunk today?” “If you could change one thing about the sick feeling, what would it be?”

Once we do that extra questioning and exploring we have more information to understand what’s really going on. Maybe the girl’s remembering a time she was on a boat and felt sick. Or maybe she simply has a tummy bug. She could be dehydrated. There could be a range of explanations.

Being curious, questioning and exploring are the way to go. Who likes being told how to feel, what to do or being told off???

By questioning and exploring we can discover the real truth and have a deeper connection with our true selves. Or in the case of my friend, create a nickname which resonates with the person she is now.

Oh yeah, and reap the benefits of all that vitamin sea.

P.S. I didn't get a photo of the ocean. I had kept walking and let the girl's Mum help her in the best way she thought appropriate. So instead, check out this Hot Tug! Looks like fun.

Something to think about...

Happiness comes in waves.” - Holly Daniels Christensen Author


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