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The Butterfly Story

One day a man sees a butterfly trying very hard to come out of its cocoon. He stays and observes what the butterfly is trying to do. When he sees that the butterfly is not able to come out of the cocoon easily, he feels sad for it and decides to help the butterfly somehow.

So, he takes a pair of scissors and cuts the cocoon, so that the butterfly can get free. But as soon as he cuts the cocoon, the butterfly comes out injured and crawling. He was sure he didn’t hurt the butterfly with the scissors as there was no blood or damage to the butterfly.

He didn’t realize that when the butterfly tries to come out of its cocoon, its body makes a fluid. As the butterfly struggles, the fluid gets pushed from the body to the wings. It’s the struggle that gives the ability for the butterfly to fly. Without the struggle, the butterfly will just be a crawling, injured insect.

Moral of the story: Our struggles help us grow and transform.

I've witnessed people embracing their struggles over the last few weeks. Shifting and transforming emotions, unhelpful habits, thought patterns, and limiting beliefs. The setbacks and adversities people have overcome give hope and inspiration. You are truly amazing.

Now it's time to fly.

Something to think about...

"When we experience the biggest struggle, we're going through the biggest growth. Embrace the struggle, my friends."

- Alistair Horscroft


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