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Have a Little Faith

I was listening to the radio and John Farnham's "Have a Little Faith" song came on. It got me thinking about the idea of faith.

Faith is that complete trust and confidence in something, even if it defies logic. It can’t be explained. It just is. I realised I see this a lot. Like a client last week who told me “I don’t understand how all of this is working. I can’t describe it. I’m just not snacking. I don’t have that impulse to eat something. I don’t know how it’s working but I know it’s working. I know I’m not going to go back to snacking. I just eat when I’m hungry now.”

As people’s faith grows, I witness the shift in their perceptions. How it enables people to see potential and opportunity instead of seeing lack and believing that we have no choice but to suffer. It makes it easier for people to overcome and manage fears. Become stronger, more resilient and willing to persevere. I see the glint of inspiration. How someone now has the courage to take a chance and seek solutions. Remember that times of trouble always come to an end. Always. Now they can see beyond problems and fears and see the good that is to come.

I see how once that light is lit, the flame of faith kindled, even if it’s just a small flicker, it becomes a beacon to illuminate their path. It helps us find our way home when we feel lost. People realise they don’t need a hand to reach out and get them back on their feet. Instead that flame lights a fire in their soul and they can keep going. Checking in with their own inner wisdom. Finding the path which leaves them feeling lighter.

So believe in the good. Believe in yourself. Have a little faith.

How? Well, remember those times when you thought to yourself you couldn’t do something but it turned out you could. Or those other times when you did something hard and tough, somehow managing to pull through. These are the times you had faith.

Move forward with confidence. You’ve got this.

Something to think about...

"There's no ghost from the past, that we can't shake

Have a little faith in us (have a little faith in us)

There's no history that we can't remake

Have a little faith in us

For all we know the best is yet to come"

Have a little faith in us.

- John Farnham


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