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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss 

Virtual Gastric Band

Hypnotherapy Package

Ready to eat smaller portions and stop snacking?


This package is ideal for you. This is not a diet. You are able to eat whatever food you want, listen to your stomach and stop eating when full. The result is a steady, progressive weight loss and change in lifestyle habits.


During the first session an operation in your mind is conducted to place the gastric band in place. This makes it a safe and easy method of fitting a gastric band without having a physical operation. 

Easy, safe, effective way to be naturally slender


4 x 1 hour

personalised sessions


SAVE $120

Individual 1 hour session$130

"I found myself going to the pantry and fridge and thought ‘I don’t need anything, there’s nothing I want.’ I had a drink of water instead. In the past I would have had some form of rubbish. Yeah, it’s incredible. When I came for sessions I didn’t have high expectations. After the first session I ate half my dinner. I was like ‘what?’ To me it felt like nothing had been done but it had. I’m full and I push food away. I used to keep eating and be full and bloated. I’ve lost 2.5 kg in 3 weeks." *

Robyn, Shearwater

"The penny has dropped. It's a total shift. I went to my brother's party and everyone around me was drinking and I was happy with my water. Before the sessions I lacked motivation to do everyday things. I did six loads of washing on Saturday. I got in and did it. I'm eating less. I don't feel hungry in the morning. I'm drinking way more water and doing it because I want to. I'm not having to force myself. It all just happens. It's weird to me. I'm like a machine!" *

- Tina, Rowella

What People Say...

* Results may vary from person to person

The fights, arguments and panic about not wanting to waste food and having to eat it aren't there anymore. It's just a calm decision to throw it in the bin or put it in the freezer. It's not a stressful thing anymore. I'm having small meals. I'm sleeping better. I'm not stressing and obsessing. I'm hiking, walking, stopping and doing random fun things. Instead of letting something get out of control with family situations, I've been making a decision to talk about a problem. I've lost about 6-7 kg in a month." *

- Crystal, Shearwater

"It's about eating what's right for me at the time. If I want that cheesecake I'll eat it and enjoy it but when I'm full I'll stop. To not have to count points is the best. I can enjoy life more, it was stressful counting points. I don't have to feel guilty. I've lost 5 kg in 3 weeks." *

- Cherie, Devonport

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