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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


Hypnotherapy Package

There are lots of different types of anxiety. I’m not interested it's name or why you feel anxious or what caused it. My focus is on helping you change the response. 


During hypnotherapy the anxiety response is reset, so you only experience it in situations where it is useful. Find yourself calmly and rationally solving problems. Freely socialising, feeling comfortable and at ease. Your thoughts come and go, rather than doing continual over thinking and over analysing.

Replace anxious thoughts and feelings with how you want to be feeling - calm, confident, in control


3 x 1 hour sessions


SAVE $90

Individual 1 hour session $130

"I had unmanageable, through the roof anxiety and depression. Low energy, the thoughts in my head were going round and round. Now I'm dealing with things without getting angry and with confidence. My psychologist agreed. Now I can get my life in order and do things I've wanted to do for a long time. Go through everything in my house. Do some work on my cars, go fishing and just get on with life. I feel confident I'm going to get off medication. I'm more assertive but in the right way. I'm calmer and can't put a label on this new found me but enjoying it." *

- Daryl, Devonport

“Before going to see Teresa, I had suffered for years with anxiety and a lack of confidence in myself. I had tried many different therapies but nothing delivered long term results. I was quite skeptical of the hypnotherapy but it was nothing like I'd imagined and after the first session I could feel the results. The techniques and practices are all so easy to do, they make you feel good and have immediate positive results. I feel like a new person, the calm, confident and happy me." *  


- Jess, Sheffield

What People Say...

* Results may vary from person to person

“It’s like I’ve woken up. I’m excited about things. I’ve got energy. At work I’ve got the confidence to say no, prioritise and do things rather than sit there in a panic. I get through everything I have to. I’ve got more time. For example on the weekend I realised I’d done everything and was thinking ‘what do I do now?’ I used to sit there on the couch and think I’ve gotta do this, this and this. I’d get worked up and sit there in a panic. Now that I’m not panicking I just do what I have to do.” *

- Megan, Penguin

"I'm relaxed about flying. I used to watch planes and wait for it to fall out of the sky. It seems so ridiculous how I used to be. Even the noise of a plane would set me off. I used to wait for it to crash. Now I just ignore it. I mean I notice it's there but it just fades away, like a car noise. Today is the day before I fly and normally I used to start thinking about the whole plane trip and what could go wrong but I'm not doing that today. It's not a problem. I'm just thinking about getting on the plane and enjoying my holiday." *

- Keisha, Devonport

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