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Chocolate Craving...Again

Yum some chocolate would really hit the spot right now. Just a little bit. It won’t hurt, I’ve had a really good week. I can smell Anvers chocolate fudge from here. I can already taste how smooth, sweet and rich it is. It’s cold. I want to read my book and eat chocolate. I’ve been working my backside off and have earned this treat. (Pause) I know this loop. Hello chocolate craving! Hello back at ya. Whatever you decide to call me, I just want to kindly let you know it’s OK to have a little bit of chocolate. Just a little bit. Everything in moderation. You deserve a tasty treat. A memory drifts into my mind of a chat I had with some Cubs (I'm a Cub Scout Leader). As we were walking to the beach, I asked the Cubs how they knew if a choice was right or wrong. One said that you’ve got to think of the effects after you do something. I asked him how he knows what to do when some effects are good and some are bad. He patiently explained that it’s whatever has the most of good or bad. Like if you do something and most of the effects are good and only one bad, then it’s a good choice. I was ready with my query about the degree of badness that could be outweighed by the good effects. This probing question died on my lips as he quickly jumped in and added a clause. If it was a really bad effect then it didn’t matter how good the other effects were. I sighed and said it all sounded a little complicated with way to much thinking. Why not just do whatever you want and not worry about the effects? Just like he was explaining one plus one equalled two, he slowly informed me “you’re a better person when you think about the effects of what you do Phoenix.” This comment rang in my head as I looked at the chocolate. What are the good effects of eating the chocolate? Yummy taste in my mouth. A treat. Anvers gets some money. A sugar high. What are the bad effects of eating the chocolate? Spend money. Sugar crash. Sick feeling in my stomach. Start the sugar craving cycle again. Pimples. Funny feeling in my head. Don’t sleep well. Your turn Think about that habit or behaviour you keep doing which isn’t helping you. Take a real look at the effects of what you’re doing. You get to choose what happens next. No-one will know except you.

Something to think about...

“Does this food love me back? Is it delicious and nutritious?" - Unknown

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