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What would you like to happen next?

I’ve been using this question with clients the last few weeks to help them concentrate on what they want, rather than all the things they don’t want! It’s a good question to go alongside “what do you want?” It helps clarify and focus on what you are aiming for. It’s important to flood your mind with a clear picture and intense emotions of what you want to happen. Attaching movies and emotions to a thought makes it more powerful for the mind. By including this as part of your daily routine, for example at the start or end of your day, it can help change your state of mind and outlook on situations. Allow yourself time to practice this. Our minds are programmed to notice negative things in our surroundings, it’s a survival thing. For example if we were noticing all the pretty, cute and fluffy things in our environment we could easily die because we’re not noticing the predator stalking us. So because this is the way our mind is wired it can take perseverance and patience to start focusing on what you want to happen next. When you find yourself getting frustrated at yourself and think “why am I so negative!” now you know the answer; it’s the way your mind works. So that’s the serious stuff out of the way. I find this can be a playful question as well. You can really let your mind explore, create and joke around with all the things that you would like to happen next. It’s interesting the range of creative solutions that can be generated once our mind is given the freedom to explore. Also the unconscious doesn’t know the difference between imaginary and real. So by really absorbing yourself in this daydream you are creating a new experience for your mind. What to do:

  1. When you find your mind racing with unresourceful thoughts or ideas, stop and ask yourself “what would I like to happen next?”

  2. Notice what your mind comes up with.

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