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Finding a Zephyr

I sense my nervousness as I begin rigging Zephyr. Or is this excitement? After all, nervous and excitement have the same response. When you’re nervous your heart rate goes up, your hands get clammy and you think about the future. When you’re excited your heart rate goes up, your hands get clammy and you think about the future. Hmmm…it’s time to learn to interpret what my body is telling me as excitement. That seems more helpful. So, I say out loud “this is exciting.” But will I crash him? Will he sail OK? Have a brought a lemon? You don’t know, what you don’t know. The only way to know is when you have a go. Then you’ll know. Was that you Zephyr??? Oh, that’s right. I told a lady that last week when we were focusing on improving golf performance. Keep rigging. Besides, I suppose a lemon is better than a banana. Bananas are bad luck on boats. Although the banana design of Sabres (the type of boat Zephyr is) is supposed to be better in waves. Waves, gosh. They were intense last time!!! What if I turtle or the boat starts filling up with water again??? There will only be me in the boat to figure all this out. Exactly, that’s right. You’ve done all this before and you were OK. You handled it. Was that you again Zephyr??? False alarm. I was remembering telling that to a lady who was about to go on a girls' weekend and was worried if she’d be able to keep making healthy food choices. Ok, last finishing touches. Wow, you look alright little Zephyr. Nothing fancy but that’s OK because fancy isn’t my style. Practical, functional and fun is how we roll. Calm down Zephyr. Haha look at you bouncing round in your cradle all excited and thinking about the future. We’ll be on the water soon. Each time I've faced a block in the sailing world, without me knowing it, something from our sessions has given me the spark or idea to keep going. Looking back I can see that the people who have come to me for help have actually been the catalyst for overcoming challenges. Watching you create change in your life is evidence that people are capable of great things. It drives me to support others and myself to continue to make positive changes. Thanks. Keep enjoying the changes.

Something to think about...

Fly away on my zephyr - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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