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What you need to know...

Our Services

Available booking locations and times: 

Turners Beach 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday


To complete your online booking:

1. Click on the "Book It" button for the relevant service.

2. Follow the prompts to book your first session only.

3. Payment is made via bank transfer the day before the first session or with exact cash the day of the first session. The prices listed below are for the full package.

4. Teresa will contact you to book your following sessions and email you a support recording and bank details.


Are you on any antipsychotic medication, bipolar, schizophrenic or suicidal?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these, unfortunately, Teresa is unable to work with you. These conditions are outside her area of training and antipsychotic medications can impede the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. It's important you work with practitioners who are skilled in the appropriate areas to support you, so you can move forward.


Are you booking for someone else?

If you're booking on behalf of someone make sure they are definitely ready to change and you're booking for them because they don't have the time or technology to do so. Hypnotherapy is most effective when the person coming is really ready to change. It's normal to wonder what you're going to experience and if it will work. That's natural because you haven't experienced hypnotherapy before. It's like when you start a new job, you're not sure if you can do it because you haven't done it before.  It's not until you give it a go that you'll know for sure.


If you're unsure or have other queries call Teresa on 0437 868 969.

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