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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy Package

Hypnotherapy reprograms your mind to be the non-smoker you once were. It isn’t about educating you about the downside of smoking (you already know that), it’s about you stopping smoking. You become a non-smoker; it’s a lifestyle you live.


Habits, beliefs and fears are updated at an unconscious level, freeing you from the urge of smoking. This is where hypnosis is different to other quitting methods; it targets change at an unconscious level rather than the physical addiction. 

The natural, simple and stress free way to stop smoking


1 x 1.5 hour session &

1 x 1 hour session 


"I came in skeptical and with low expectations but had instant results. I went from smoking about a pack a day to nothing after one session. I'm dealing with stressful situations by seeing them differently and finding a logical reason not to stress. I'm not as angry." *

- Luke, Burnie

"I used to smoke 30 smokes a day. For the first three days after the 1st session I didn't have a smoke. Then I had some personal medical issues which I felt I couldn't cope with so I started smoking again to deal with the stress. About 6 or 7 a day but I know I would have smoked more if I hadn't had that 1st session. So I handled it better. I can really imagine the healthy me. It's really vivid, I'm looking forward to changing for the better." *

- Louise, Ulverstone

What People Say...

* Results may vary from person to person

"I used to have 30-35 smokes a day. After the 1st session I've had three smokes in a week. It's not because I craved smokes, it's more out of the habit of associating a behaviour with smoking. I'm more relaxed, I feel better within myself. I'm not puffing up the stairs. I can smell and taste better. I don't wake up coughing. My mind's clearer, I have a different way I think and attitude towards things." *

- Stephen, Launceston

"I haven't had a smoke since the first session. After the session I had the thought 'I'm going to have a coffee and smoke'. Then I realised I don't do that anymore. I went off and did something else. There's no urge or craving for a smoke. I have more time to do stuff. I can run without coughing my guts up. I walk at a faster pace and keep it up. I have a more positive attitude. A more positive thought process. Hypnotherapy isn't a magic pill. You've got to want to quit and I did." * 

- Michael, Devonport

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