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What happened next...

After continuing to play with the wolves of my heart, I realised it was like they were giving me nudges in particular directions. Almost like signposts directing me.

“Google this…” “Message such and such.” “Apply for this job.” “Go for a walk.” “Read that book.” “Go to that event.”

Instead of being solely consumed by a particular wolf (or emotion), I could understand the purpose of what the wolf was telling me, then get on with an action step. This has allowed things to unfold in a way that’s different from what I could imagine. Now I've found that interesting mix of activities I enjoy. Volunteering, sailing, meeting people, a job, relaxing.

Listen to the wolves of your heart. What are they telling you?

Now act.

P.S. This is me volunteering to do some Seagrass Monitoring. However, we only found mud! It was getting pretty deep, so we headed for home instead. Definitely an experience beyond what I would have imagined 😊

Something to think about...

“You do not find the happy life. You make it.” - Camilla Eyring Kimball


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