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Things will be better when...

I’ve heard a few mates and clients saying things like:

“I can’t wait until 2020 is over”

“Once I find a partner, I’ll be so much happier”

“Once I’ve saved up (insert large sum of money) things will be easier”

“If only I could go on a holiday”

Well here’s my story of what happened when I finally got the brand-new sail I’d been dreaming about for years. The sail that was going to change my world forever. Sound familiar?

Wowie a new sail!!!!! I can’t hold off anymore. When can I next go sailing? Four days away, that’s too long to wait! I need to rig my boat now. Right now. Just see what it looks like. Just see what it looks like out of the bag and up the mast.

It’s beautiful. The shape. The material. The quality. The seam work. The texture. The crispness. Even the smell! I’ll be such a better sailor now! I can’t wait for four days time…

This is SHIT! What is going on? How come everyone is pulling away from me? I thought having this new sail would be amazing and things would go to a total new level. What’s wrong with the sail? The guy who made it is the best in the state and when I was talking to him he described how…um hang on. So, um if it’s not the sail, um maybe it’s…the, maybe the umm…the sailor?

Ok, let’s face reality. I know it’s not the sail. It is a very good sail. This means there’s something I can do better. Something I can change. I’m in control of that. So, what do I need to do? Get back to the basics. Go through the sailing checklist of what to do and not do. You’ve got this.

I’m sharing this story with you in case you were like me. Placing a lot of expectations, hope and energy into how things would be when blah blah blah happened. You can stop doing that now. As I’ve just shown you, we’ve got no idea what will happen next. Plus, even if blah blah blah happens, as I’ve also just shown you, we still need to come to the party and do something.

I got distracted. I’m sharing this story with you in case you were like me. I began to wonder if there was a different way forward. Where it doesn't have to be about waiting for blah blah blah to happen. One answer to that, is dealing with the reality of whatever situation we’re in. Of course, if a fantastic sail, bunch of money, you beaut kitchen appliance or magic moment rolls your way, or you decide to create that in your life, for sure take that opportunity. In the meantime…

I relaxed. Focused on feeling the momentum of the boat. Guided along by the Zephyr that carried us gently over the rolling water. Enjoyed the view of the beach, the Cape, the clouds. Let myself be filled with fresh air, mixed with a bit of salt spray. Tasty. My muscles and mind signed in relief. Things were simpler when focusing on the basics. The now.

Something to think about...

“Try to remember the greener grass across the fence may be due to a septic tank issue.”

- Unknown

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