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The Three Warriors

The White Warrior is the naïve Warrior. They run into battle because the people above them, the Commanders or the Government or whoever, just tell them to “go fight those people.” They don’t do their due diligence. Just kinda run in and fight with great chivalry and honor but die pretty rapidly.

Then there’s the Red Warrior. The Red Warrior is fueled by revenge and injustice and pretty pissed off with what happened to the White Warrior. They're pretty pissed off with what they perceive to see going wrong in the world and so are easily manipulated by the powers to be. They say “go fight baddies” and they run into battle fueled with this rage and fueled with this anger. They do better than the White Warrior and take out another 50-100 people on their own but it’s not too long before they're dead. All done.

But then there’s the Black Warrior. The Black Warrior is surrounded by ten of their most trusted warriors. They’ve fought a hundred battles together. In their hundred battles together, they’ve always made sure they’re incredibly well prepared. They have daggers for short-ranged combat, swords for mid-range, bows and arrows, and crossbows for long-range. Before they go into battle, they make sure they know where all the escape routes are. They set up ambush points. But most importantly, they only kill who they really need to kill. When they need to run, they run. When they need to hide, they hide.

But it’s these guys who at the end are looking at the night sky, dancing around the fire, and drinking mead with their friends. Because of course, they’re the ones who are able to see it all clearly. They were the ones who saw the battlefield and prepared for every eventuality. They had humility. They had wisdom. They had understanding. They didn’t have naivety and anger. They’d become wise.

- Alistair Horscroft

Founder of The Mind Academy

Something to think about...

“Be a Warrior, not a worrier.”

- Elizabeth Archer

Author, Journalist


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