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The Sometimes Manic Dance of Life

She twirled and twisted. Arms in the air. Her red dress trying to catch up to her fast movements. Everything became a blur. The sounds around her magnified inside her head as things began to spin out of control. Her breath was catching in her throat. There was an intense tightness in her body. As the music stopped, she managed to plaster a smile on her face and curtsey. Deciding not to throw the rose from her hair into the audience. Instead focusing on managing her composure, trying to breath and look like she was enjoying herself. "Smile, just smile, you’ve got this" she told herself.

As she walked from the stage, she cast her mind back. Trying to place when things had shifted from an invigorating and daring dance, to the manic chaos she had just experienced. Had anyone else noticed? The audience was still clapping in the background. The stage crew were giving her nods of approval and words of praise. Apparently not.

She slipped her shoes off. Resting her tired feet on the chair while taking the rose out of her hair. She use to enjoy getting dressed up, bringing joy to people’s life and inspiring others to dance. As she twirled the rose in her fingers, she pondered this baffling change. Where had the energy gone? That mysterious force that used to build inside her as she began to dance? Could she keep going down this path? Could she sustain it?

The kettle screeched, thankfully interrupting these confusing questions. As she poured herself a tea, the beautiful aroma filled her nostrils. She felt the tension leaving her body. The questions drifting off. She closed her eyes, taking a sip of warm, refreshing tea. Listening to the bird’s warbles and trills in the garden. Maybe these questions didn’t need an answer. Maybe things were simpler. She hung up her dancing shoes. Filled a vase with water. Placed the rose in the vase to enjoy a different setting. A new atmosphere of peace and quiet. It was time to do something different. Relax. Rejuvenate. Renew. Instead of being trapped in a maddening dance, it was time to do the things that allowed her soul to sing. Beginning now.

P.S. Thanks to an amazing client for inspiring this story.

Something to think about...

"What choice can you make which will leave you feeling lighter?"

- Teresa Badrock


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