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The Man and The Road

A man, who was blind, had been waiting a while at a busy road for someone to offer to guide him across, when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Excuse me," said the tapper, "I'm blind - would you mind guiding me across the road?"

The first man who was blind took the arm of the second man who was blind, and they both crossed the road.

Apparently this is a true story. The first man who was blind was the jazz pianist George Shearing. He is quoted (in Bartlett's Anecdotes) as saying after the event, "What could I do? I took him across and it was the biggest thrill of my life." Sometimes we think we can't do something and so don't stretch ourselves. Taking a risk can help us reduce our dependence on things and instead discover new excitement and capabilities.

Something to think about...

“Trust yourself. You have survived a lot, and will survive whatever is coming.” - Robert Tew Former Newcastle Knights Rugby Footballer


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