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Parable of the Polygons

It’s Friday! Time to start the weekend with a bit of fun and learning (so you can justify doing this while at work).

My partner and I got married last week. Yay! We haven’t had an opportunity to get our family and friends together before. With a mix of personalities and backgrounds, I was interested to see how things would pan out. Of course, I wanted to try and control the situation and make sure everything went fine.

Here’s an interactive Blog I found online to test it out beforehand. You can click on this link or paste it into Google

Credit goes to Vi Hart & Nicky Case for the blog.

What I learnt (from the blog & wedding)

I couldn’t move people around like I was doing with the triangles and squares. It’s not possible to control people. All I could control was myself, so that became my focus. Holding the space to allow everyone to be themselves and me to be relaxed and happy.

I noticed people acted like the triangles and squares. Moving through the group, connecting with each other based on things they had in common. The groups that stayed together the longest were the ones with the most similarities. However, the group that stayed until the final end were the ones who had to stay at our place that night.

I noticed (in this situation anyway) the environmental factor played the biggest part in keeping people together. I know the blog tries to bring the triangles and squares together in friendship but this isn’t always the case. We came up with ways to get along because we had to. We were in the same house. It might sound hard to do this but again the only thing I could control was myself. This made it simpler. I could only focus on how I reacted, what I said and did and how I perceived things.

So, everything turned out fine. For me anyway!

Something to think about...

“This is a story of how harmless choices can make a harmful world.” - Vi Hart & Nicky Case Parable of the Polygons


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