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"It's impossible, it's impossible"

A frog decided to reach the top of a tree. All the frogs shouted, “it’s impossible, it’s impossible”. Still, the frog reaches the top. How? Because he was deaf and thought everyone was encouraging him to reach the top.

The key here isn’t ignoring the negative comments, it’s changing your perception of them. Yes, the frog couldn’t hear the actual words of the other frogs. But what’s the difference between a misunderstanding and a perception?

Like when you tell a kid to do something and they don’t do it or do something totally different. You ask them if they heard you. They say they didn’t or misunderstood what you said. Are they telling the truth or just trying to get away with something???

This ability to distort communication innocently or deliberately is a handy skill to have.

Practice deleting the tone a comment is delivered in. Or changing it to be calm. Or delete your reaction to the comment. Take the comment as a series of words, a simple statement. Then notice how that makes you feel. What needs to happen now?

Notice how changing things often helps support you to reach your goal, which is what the frog and kid discovered.

Something to think about...

“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”

- Henry David Thoreau


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