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It’s Sunday arvo. The rain is keeping on going. I turn to Facebook and begin watching a Pip Hare Ocean Racing video. Something I didn’t get around to doing during the week.

The next video automatically pops up and a rare thing happens. I decide to watch it. Artistic Swimming Olympic Qualifier - USA's most complex lift landing ever. Right, synchronised swimming, my old friend (insert head scratch). I find myself seeing if I can hold my breath as long as they do while they’re underwater. I’m sitting in the car, so miss the opportunity to have a go at the kicks and flips. How do they actually do all those grueling moves while holding their breath, upside down and not touch the bottom of the pool? Hang on, I haven’t Googled or spoken about synchronised swimming.

What message is Facebook is trying to send me?

I decide to delve further and watch the next clip. Maybe that’ll help. Then & Now: Maddie’s Journey with Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Ummm???? Nope. This isn’t helping connect the dots. I’m not sure what the message is.

There must be one. After all Facebook have that secret algorithm. The social media gurus say Facebook knows more about you then you do about you. I press play and disappear down the rabbit hole.

And pop out half an hour later (I had to watch a couple of the Dallas Cowboy clips to understand the connection to the USA synchronised swimming and Pip Hare, a solo round the world sailor). But I have the elusive connection.

All these people were facing some sort of adversity but kept pushing and preserving. They didn't always get the outcome they wanted or were hoping for but they kept going.

This was a message I needed to hear.

Recently it’s felt like a few ducks haven’t been lining up. They keep waddling off. Quacking and ruffling their feathers, not doing what they’re told. Hiding.

Yes, Facebook you do know more about me than I know about myself! Thanks.

P.S. Is it realistic for ducks to line up anyway? Is that even a thing?

Something to think about...

“It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger.”

- Anonymous


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