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That's One Scared Doggy!

Imagine a dog. Now imagine it’s night time. There are loud fireworks going off. Celebration. Life has resumed it's normality after COVID-19. You can finally go on holiday somewhere. Finally, catch up with family and friends. Get back to your hobbies. The fireworks are making really loud noises. Lighting up the sky with so many colours. You can see how beautiful it looks. How the sound adds to the spectacle. However, as you look at the dog (see above picture if you're struggling to imagine), you can see how scared it looks. You can see the fear in its eyes. But why is if fearful? Why is it reacting in this way? Of course, you know why. It thinks it’s in danger. How can you be enjoying the show and yet the dog is fearful? Again, you know why. It’s because you have a greater perspective. You’re using your whole mind to figure this situation out. You know that you’re safe. This is how it is with a fear that you have. There is a part of you that has the fear like the dog has the fear, not understanding the bigger picture. Get in touch with this part of you now. Also, get in touch with the part of you that understands that bigger picture. The part of you that wants to be free, the part of you that uses reason. Start a communication between the two parts. Enjoy them interacting. Noticing how they learn from each other. How the old fearful part is beginning to evolve. Beginning to learn, really learn, how to handle the situation in a new way. Practice seeing yourself handle the situation with confidence and courage. Feeling strong, in control. A feeling of balance returning to your mind and body. Continue to allow this to happen in your own unique way. Until you can see yourself interacting in a new way with ease. With feelings of calmness and clarity. Continue to communicate between both parts of you until there is one solution for you. A new outcome that works, truly works for you. Enjoy doing this now......

Something to think about...

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” - Les Brown Motivational speaker. Former radio DJ. Former television host.

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