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Think of a Problem

Hang on, just one. Start with just one. Well, I’ve got a problem too. Nothing too major. If it wasn’t this problem, I’m sure I would have conjured up another one to keep me company. Something to mull over. Discuss. Decipher. Move away from. Move towards. After doing a bit of all those things I decided I wanted to sort this problem out. Fix it. Move on. I guess I could have kept it. Or gave it to someone else. Or forgotten it. But with this problem, I decided it is time to overcome it. It is time. Here’s what I did. Answering these questions will bring you clarity. An insight into the reality of the situation, rather than your perception. Which at times we know is a little warped, fragmented, laughable, filtered or sprinkled with a creative flare. 1. What’s causing your problem? Easy. My lack of skill. My lack of resources. I had already allocated money and time to go towards other things rather than boat parts, a trailer, regattas and training. And the big doozy; my mindset. Could I actually do this? Did I have enough time to learn? I want to be competitive. Not just bumbling around at the back of the fleet. I need to get better quickly. Is this too big for me? 2. What needs to happen? I need to decide if I actually want to overcome the nuisances mentioned in Q1. There’s always a choice. Would I regret it if I didn’t do this? I guess other people have overcome these nuisances. Which means there must be a way. Sooner or later I’ll have to figure it out because I’m serious about sailing. So, I may as well do all this sooner rather than later. I need to adjust my expectations. At the moment, it seems like an exhausting, draining, arduous sequence of humongous challenges. I can see myself as a walking zombie or in a state of comatose at the end. I’ll change it. Make it fun, relaxed and enjoyable. The right people come along at the right time. I’m laughing. Enjoying being on the water. Connecting with different people along the way. Yes, this movie is a heap more inviting. 3. What needs to happen to make it happen? I need to start living the movie. Take the action steps. Prioritise things. Seek out other options. Make sure I keep running that new movie in my mind each day. Add in the feelings, thoughts and actions. 4. What’s preventing that from happening? Me. Me doubting myself. Me not asking for help. Me having a narrow perception of how the problem needs to be solved. What if there was a way forward different to how I imagined? There were times in the past when I thought I couldn’t afford things but found a way. Times I thought I wouldn’t be able to do things like move to a state where I knew no one but did anyway. Or when I thought I'd never figure out how to be a hypnotherapist but did. Or be able to run a business but now I am. I’m sure when you look back over your life you’ve had similar experiences. You found a way. 5. If you had to pretend a way for the problem to be solved what would that be? I’ll leave that up to your imagination… Above picture: First step. Figuring out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing with the help of Lauren & Chris Keil who do know! P.S. I know I haven't told you what the problem is. It's because it's not important. The important part is figuring out how to overcome it and having a crack at tacking it (another hint).

Something to think about...

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." - African Proverb

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