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The Footy, Cherry Ripe & Dream

Yes, yes this does involve chocolate again. What I want you to do, is substitute the chocolate for that thing you keep doing that you’d rather not be doing. By the way, I know you’re still doing it because we’re all human. Sometimes things can take awhile to change. Which is why I’m sharing another chocolate story. To show you what’s it’s like in the real world to overcome a struggle. I had decided to buy a Cherry Ripe (even though I kept imagining eating an orange) because it was the last game Hawthorn was playing in Tassie. I wanted a special treat to celebrate finally been able to go to a game. Of course, when I went into Woolies they were half price, so I decided to buy two (falling big time for the marketing ploy). One more isn’t going to kill me, right? After all, this was a total once off. I ate my two Cherry Ripes. The world kept turning. I started planning a trip to Hobart and different things I could do. My mind drifted to chocolate. Growing up we’d have ice-cream, lollies or chocolate as a treat when we went somewhere. I began imagining eating a yummy brownie at The Honey Badger. That night I had a dream. I was eating a live snake! Then it wriggled and thrashed around in my stomach. I had to get it out! I coughed, choked and regurgitate the snake back out. Phew. Relief. Then I ate it again! This was horrible, I couldn’t stop eating the snack, I mean snake. I kept going through this process. I woke up totally freaked out. Obviously, this is my minds way of telling me to stop eating chocolate. The majority of times I’d been following the subtle signals it was sending. The dry, thirsty feeling in my mouth. The thought of eating oranges. The “you eat healthy”

thought. Then for the sake of celebrating, I had consciously overridden the signals. My mind wanted to let me know that there are better ways to reward and enjoy myself than eating chocolate. For you: If you keep getting sick, feeling pain, having a headache, thoughts about what you need to be doing or talking to friends about what you’d rather be doing with your life, (big breath) maybe it’s time to listen to yourself. Take action. Do it. I’m also a realist. I know there will be some time in the future that I’ll eat chocolate. This will be a time and amount that is aligned with both my conscious and unconscious. Be a realist for yourself. What rational, logical steps need to happen?

Something to think about...

“You are not defined by what's in your head. You are what you do. Your actions"

- Gary Bishop Author of Unfu*k Yourself

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