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No More Excuses; For Real

“Something’s just sunk in this week. I’m just doing it all now; healthy eating, going for walks, waking up earlier, eating less. I realised I was making lots of excuses. Now I’m sick of excuses. NO MORE EXCUSES! I thought to myself ‘you know what, I deserve to be healthy and happy’. I REALLY DESERVE IT and the only person that can make this happen is me.” As I listened and captured the excitement and energy radiating from this client (because I wanted to sell it to other clients, a good side earner) I wasn’t aware something in me was changing. Next thing I knew I was signing up to personal training, regularly going to park run, doing all those little action steps I’d been putting off for years. All I could hear in my head was “NO MORE EXCUSES. I REALLY DSERVE TO BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY.” It’s like I’ve just discovered I’m driving a six gear car. I’ve never seen one, not even on TV or Youtube. Only heard stories of these mythical automobiles and their superpowers. But now I’m looking down at the gear stick going “sixth? How did that get there? I wonder what that’s like???” It’s beyond anything I can comprehend because the only experience I have to base it on is fifth gear. Safe, reliable, trustworthy fifth gear. My hand is resting on the gear stick, foot above the clutch. Nup, can’t do it. Better stay safe. I know I’ll still enjoy the drive. I’m fine in fifth. It’s doing the job. Turn up the radio. Start thinking about what else I have to do today. Pull up at the lights. Someone else pulls up along side me. Man, she’s having a ball. Look at the way she’s smiling, bobbing to the music, laughing. There’s no-one else with her. I wonder what she’s got going for her? She just looks so totally carefree. Glowing. Composed. Energetic. Amused. Her car is amazing. Immaculate. Shiny. Schmick. Smooth purr. Peaceful, lively vibration with a hint of hidden power. She glances over at me. Lifts her sunnies and gives me a cheery wave and lighthearted smile. I’m almost waiting for a sparkle to come off her teeth, like in those cheesy toothpaste ads. The light turns green. We both move forward. I sense the calm, strong surge of energy exuding from her and her car as she moves forward with purpose but in that fun, carefree way. I want that. How do I get that? I look down at sixth gear. Who am I trying to kid? I know how to get that. I know what I have to do. It’s time. I can feel that nervous, excited sense of anticipation. But what if the cops catch me? I suddenly laugh out loud. What a shitty excuse! The cops don’t have sixth gear! I’ll be going so fast they won’t even be able to take a photo of my number plate! The cops know that, the other lady knows that and now I know that. There’s no excuses. I deserve to be driving in sixth gear. I've earned it. I’m an experienced driver now. I've been in all sorts of weather conditions, different road surfaces, survived accidents and even taught others to drive. The car was designed for sixth gear. It's capable of high speeds and has the gizmos to make things safer. I just hadn't realised all of this. Until now.

It’s time to find out the true, full potential of myself and my car. I take a deep breath and feel a smile start to creep across my face. Erasing the concern, worry and doubt as it grows. Clutch in. Change gears. Accelerate. Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen!

Something to think about...

“If you really want to do it, you do it." - Bruce Nauman American Artist

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