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"Argh! It's an alien!"

I thought I’d share an exciting success I had yesterday as a result of my own self-healing self-hypnosis. I’d like to give you a bit of inspiration and share how powerful the mind is. Setting the scene In November, I went and had a skin check and was given the all clear. Then in January I noticed a mole on my back had changed shape. My reaction “Argh it’s an alien! How did you get there you ugly, angry thing? I’m sure I put sunscreen on a couple of days ago and I didn’t notice you. Trust me I would have noticed you, you’re so ugly and big!” It was about the size of my finger nail and had a purply veiny pattern coming out from it. Now, a little bit of “what if…” thinking did kick in. But I knew this old pattern of thinking very well and so simply turned those thoughts aside as they would pop into my mind. I know my mind very well and know that it likes to do this thinking when I’m in stressful, unknown situations. And finding an ugly alien on my back definitely qualified as that. I said thanks to my mind for helping me in this back to front way it had learnt a long time ago but it was OK, I didn’t want to get invaded by an alien so would start taking action immediately. It didn’t need to keep bombarding me with images and thoughts of all the things that could next happen. I would now like my mind to focus on action steps. I would be very grateful for that because I know it’s come up with some great solutions in the past and that’s what I needed now, a solution. The solution “Self-healing technique, do it now” said my mind. “That’s a good idea, thanks for that.” I replied. So I put myself into hypnosis and did a five minute healing technique on myself. Afterwards I felt a lot calmer and assured that my body would know what to do to heal. I could feel the shift. But I still felt a niggle that there was something else that needed to be done. Again I handed the problem over to my mind. I know now that when I get that niggle it’s my unconscious saying “oi I’ve got something to say here. C’mon, seriously listen up, it’s a good one.” So I asked my mind again: “OK what is it that I need to do??” “Call Christina” answered my mind. “Well that’s easy” I relplied. So I had a chat to my mate Christina. A very calm, rational chat (it helps when your mate’s a yoga instructor and teaches mindfulness courses). I explained the situation and said how I wanted to go to a different skin specialist and asked her if she knew anyone. She recommended the Devonport Skin Centre because they take photos as well. The doctor’s verdict I booked an appointment for a skin check in two day’s time. The doctor took one look at the alien and said “yep that’s gotta come out.” He also found another suspect mole on the sole of my foot that had to come out. I’ve got no idea how that got there considering that I normally have shoes on. The doctor did say that UV can go through clothing. They really need UV protected shoes! I booked in for two weeks’ time to get the the alien and the suspect mole removed. The fun part I didn’t think any more about the alien, except to ponder how much of a hassle things would be. How would I change the bandage? What exercise could I do? How would I sleep? Would I be in much pain? What would the scar be like? These were all legit questions that I had to think about but I did this in a calm and rational way, rather than stressed and telling the world about my problem. I found I was getting an increasing sense that the easiest solution would be that I didn’t need to get the alien taken out and it would hopefully just disappear. The suspect mole on my foot was on about a millimetre in size, so would only need one stitch. I could quickly heal from that, so wasn’t too worried about that. But the alien on my back was going to be more of a hassle. About four days before I had to go in for my procedure, I thought to myself “I’d better see how the alien’s going.” I looked at my back and thought “what, where’s it gone???? The alien has gone! Whooa!” I could only see a small mole on my back where the alien previously was. The doctor’s reaction I explained to the doctor that I had done a self-healing technique on myself and that the thing (I didn’t want to ruin my professional credibility by calling it “the alien”) on my back was gone. The doctor said “what, what do you mean it’s gone? Give me a look.” He brought up the picture of my back and said that he thought that there was a little mark where the alien had been. I asked him what he thought and what needed to happen next. He said he couldn’t explain it but the immune system had been known in the past to fight things like this but that he’d never seen anything like this before. He said he wants to see me in two months time with normal skin so he can take some more photos and put it in a medical journal. He said he was a bit “weirded out by the whole thing” and seemed genuinely interested in what I had done in hypnosis and how this could help his clients. What next??? I had always known that minds are powerful but this was the first time I had experienced a physical change in my body as a result of something I had done with hypnosis. Initially after hypnosis I wasn’t totally sure if the self-healing had worked because I hadn’t done anything like this before. How would I know what signs to look for to tell me it had worked? I told myself that I would be looking at my back and be totally amazed that the alien was gone. I had a strong sense that it was the right thing to do. The next thing to do is use my mind to heal that spot so it’s normal skin and spend a lot of time laughing about an amazing result! What does it mean for you? When you have an idea of what you want go for it. Focus your mind towards it. If you find yourself stuck and need a hypnotherapist to help you, feel free to contact me. If you want to learn how to do self-hypnosis I'm running a course in Launceston this Saturday and next Saturday. Or in Latrobe on Sunday 19th & 26th March. More info on the workshop is below. This will allow you to tap into your own mind yourself so you can find solutions to problems and move forward.

Something to think about...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

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