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Negative thinking and an engine transmission light

About 6 months ago my engine transmission light in my car came on. I pulled over, read the manual about why it might come on, popped the bonnet to see if the engine was OK (I’m not really sure how I would know if it wasn’t OK) and then booked in to see a mechanic. The verdict was that Bluey 2 (my car) needed a new oxy sensor. So, I replaced it. Then about a month later the indicator light came back on again. I did the same thing again. This time the verdict was that Bluey 2 needed a new catalytic converter. So, I replaced it. It’s OK Mum and Dad you don’t need to worry about selling me a lemon, these parts need replacing sometimes.

Then a couple of months later the indicator light came on again. I took it to a different mechanic and he said when he plugged in his scanner no "trouble codes" detecting a problem came up. Sometimes cars do funny things. He simply deleted something so the indicator light didn’t come on and said it could be caused by a faulty connection. I realised this is a similar reaction to what I used to do when I did negative thinking. I used to pull over, try and figure out what was wrong, see what needed fixing and then sometimes go to my coach for help to fix it. Originally my mind did negative thinking because there was something in my environment I had to be aware of and look out for. It had a purpose. Then after a while it just ran that pattern of thinking because there was some faulty connection up there in my mind. So now I treat negative thinking like Bluey 2’s faulty indicator light. I just do what the mechanic did and delete it. I say to myself “oh it’s that old pattern of thinking again. I know you. It’s all good, I’ve got everything under control.” Then I click my fingers and it disappears. Sometimes we think that our behaviours, thoughts and emotions need analysing, we need to work them out and fix them. But other times it’s easier than that. There’s just a fault in the system. You can keep driving, ignore the indicator light, relax and enjoy the scenery. We are humans after all. We experience a range of feelings, thoughts and emotions. The fun part is when you realise you get to choose what you think about and that in control of your thinking.

Something to think about...

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - William Shakespeare

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