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The mystery of the Twirl & Cherry Ripe in my shopping basket

I found myself lining up waiting to pay for my groceries. When I looked at what I had in my basket I was surprised to see I had a Twirl, 4 pack of Magnums, Maltesers and Cherry Ripe. I’m used to seeing veggies and meat. I remembered putting the Maltesers and Magnums in there because I’d had a busy week and felt like a treat but I wasn’t sure how the Twirl and Cherry Ripe had magically appeared in my basket. I turned around, went to the confectionary aisle and put them back.

As I was walking I found myself wondering what was going on. This was an old habit I haven’t done for a while. It was time to whip out the inner detective. I know myself pretty well and know that when I find myself doing this old habit it simply means my unconscious is trying to look after me by giving me this comfort food to help me feel better. However, I’ve had the experience of sorting problems out, rather than eating food for comfort, and I’ve found this is more effective and better in the long run. So even though it felt a little bit hard to put the Twirl and Cherry Ripe back I knew the benefit of sorting something out in my life would out way this feeling in the long run. When I got home I sat down and asked myself my favourite question that I always plug in Boot Camps and with clients “What needs to happen?” The answer was short and simple (as it usually is when you deal with the unconscious). “Do it”. Along with these words I got a strong sense of really needing to step up and clear away all the shit in my life. I’ve tried to think about another way of saying this without swearing but that’s all I could come up with. My apology if this offends you because that’s not the intent. Those of you that have worked with me know that my idea of swear words are “try”, “I should have” and “I could have.” I’ll give you a little bit of content to understand what my unconscious meant by “clear away all the shit”. It meant taking a hard look at my life and seeing if the way I spent my time, energy, money and effort was actually giving me what I wanted. For example looking at the people I was choosing to spend time with and what I was actually getting out of the interaction. I know that all the people I hang out with are good people with good intentions. What my unconscious wanted me to do was to spend more time and energy with the people where afterwards I was left feeling uplifted, positive, energised and having a new perspective on things. The people I could speak my mind too and if I was misinterpreted I was questioned and could explain myself further, rather than being judged. The people who when I was with them I would find myself laughing and having a good time. Where I was left feeling like how the Ugly Duckling felt when he finally found his pack of swans. According to Google it’s actually a flight of swans or a game of swans. And that’s what I’d be doing with this bunch of people; I’d belong to that flight or game. I’m not a massive fan of swans after one attacked me as a kid for my sandwich but I am a fan of the story of the Ugly Duckling and how he didn’t give up trying to find out where he belonged. He had stamina, perseverance and sometimes a few lucky breaks to help along the way. This is what my unconscious wanted me to do. Get out there and figure out where I belong and what I needed to be doing. Make it happen, rather than think about it. There was nothing wrong with the other animals and people the ugly duckling attempted to fit in with, they were simply different. For example a hen is still a bird but likes to do different things to a swan. It can be hard for them to have fun together when one likes to swim and fly and the other prefers to wander around pecking for food. It was the same with some of the people I was hanging around with. We simply had different interests and could be having more fun if we were with people of the same game. Another area of my life where I needed to do some clearing away was my business. I had this urge from my unconscious to really get things rocking, especially in Launceston. So instead of keeping on umming and arghing, planning things and talking about it with people I decided to listen to my unconscious and “do it”. So I went and got an office space in Launie. So yes people I will be doing individual sessions and Boot Camps in my own little possie on George Street. As soon as I started taking these action steps and doing things, rather than talking and thinking about it, I felt a lot happier within myself. I had this sense of purpose and like I was moving forward again. My shopping basket went back to veggies and meat. I was sleeping a lot more deeply. I had more energy and motivation. I was calmer and more focused. It was amazing the difference it made listening to my unconscious and intuition. I hadn’t realised it had being sending me all these signals. I know from past experiences that my unconscious would have kept giving me more signals, even if I had eaten the Twirl and Cherry Ripe, until I listened to it because it has my best interests at heart. It knew what needed to happen. Note: For the record almost three weeks later I still have two Magnums left and haven’t opened the packet of Maltesers.

Something to think about...

"Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want to be." - Unknown

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