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Letting things be different to how you imagine

I recently brought a couple of new bits of furniture; a bookshelf and a bunk. I got everything home and was feeling pretty pumped and ready for some self-assembly. I enjoy doing that sort of thing by myself because I like the independence and sense of achievement at the end. However, with these two pieces of furniture I hit a wall. I was pretty determined to get them assembled by myself but it wasn’t happening; no matter how much focus, willpower or things to support the furniture I had!

I decided to let go of wanting things to happen my way and let them be different to how I imagined. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in one way of thinking, which can limit us and prevent us being open to other options and possibilities.

I was surprised at how quickly and easily things changed and became a lot simpler. Within an hour a mate messaged wanting to catch up. He was happy to help with the bookshelf. Then when it came to assembling the bunk the same thing happened. It turns out that some things need four hands (which I don't have because I'm not an alien) and it saves a lot of hassle, frustration, time and energy to do with someone else. I still got that sen

se of achievement at the end plus extra laughs, more time to relax, some handy tips on using a screwdriver and the satisfaction that I had followed my intuition and things had worked out.

To make life easier when you find things not working:

  1. Take a step back for a second, stop and take a few deep breaths.

  2. Ask yourself "What is my priority?" “How can this be easier?” “What are my options?”

  3. Make the choice to go and do something different for an hour, then come back with fresh eyes. See what you come up with then.

Something to think about...

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

-Tony Robbins

Motivational speaker, personal finance instructor and self help author

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