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Christmas: The pessimist & optimist view

I remember hearing this story about a man with two twin boys. He noticed that one would always be really pessimistic and the other optimistic. For Christmas he decided to fill the pessimists room with all these different toys, so full he could hardly move. The optimists room he filled with horse manure. He was interested to see how they'd respond. In the morning when he walked past the pessimists room he was saying things like "look at all these toys! How will I find the time to play with them all? Now I'll have to go and buy heaps of batteries. Oh no, I'm going to have so many instruction books to read! What will my friends think of me now that I've got all these toys?" Then he walked past the optimists room. He was jumping around throwing all the horse manure in the air looking like he was having a great time. The Dad asked what he was doing. The son replied "I'm looking for the pony! With all this manure everywhere it must be pretty big!"

How are you going to choose to view Christmas?

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