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Group Workshops

Group Workshops & Packages

Workshops include mind training tools, group hypnosis and the latest scientific knowledge about how the unconscious works.

These workshops and packages are ideal for corporate groups, sports teams or individuals looking for a boost and new way to retrain their minds.

Build your teams' toolbox to become resilient, confident and handle stressful situations. Be calm, in control and at your peak performance in the workplace, sports arena or everyday life.

Efficient, resilient, kicking goals as a team


1 x 1.5 hour

personalised session for your group


3 x 1.5 hour

personalised sessions for your group


SAVE $150

"I was surprised the mind training tools were so easy to use. I've been handling stressful situations at work and then moving on. They don't go round and round in my head anymore. I feel calmer and able to handle the juggle of work, parenting and having a life. Thanks for your help Teresa." *

- Taylor, Devonport

"I first met Teresa at an event organised by the Cradle Coast Authority's group "Ignite" on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Teresa's practice seemed incredible and I was very curious, as I thought this could be a wonderful way to provide professional (and personal) development for myself and two employees. We engaged Teresa for one of her packages, which ran over a few weeks of three sessions in total. My personal aim was for a combination of goals and phobia based topics. The sessions included very specific conversations, as Teresa tuned in to my thoughts and feelings on these topics. And the results: truly amazing! I don't fully comprehend how it all works, I just know from personal experience it worked for me (and my colleagues). I have joyfully have had wonderful success with each of my goals from the sessions with Teresa. She is a friendly and highly communicative professional, and I couldn't recommend her skills and services enough to anyone."

- Anita, Ambleside

What People Say...

* Results may vary from person to person

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