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Hypnotherapy for Children 

Hypnotherapy for Children & Young People Package


Generally, Teresa works with children aged 7-18 years old helping them with a range of issues. Any behaviour or habit which is holding your child back; anxiety, weight management, developing friendships, self-esteem and confidence.


What to expect during sessions

Our unconscious mind runs our thoughts, feelings, instincts and body functions. It's the imaginative part of our mind, so doesn't respond to logic. Often it will run a behaviour and because we survive continue to run that behaviour. Even though logically this behaviour might make no sense.


Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, fun way to retrain the mind.  Instead of talking about the problem Teresa uses stories, adventures, games, role-playing and visualisation to communication and update the unconscious.



Watch your child smile, laugh, explore the world around them


8-10 years old

3 x 30 minute sessions with child & parent/s 

3 x 30 minute phone sessions with parent/s 


11-17 years old

3 x 1 hour sessions with child & parent/s 

3 x 20 minute phone sessions with parent/s 


What people say...

* Results may vary from person to person

"Before the sessions, food was this thing I' thought I'd never have a good relationship with. I was a fussy eater. Now it doesn't stress me out to eat new foods. I'm more comfortable with situations where I have to eat out. Like at friends places, camping, and restaurants. I feel like I can ask what's for tea and actually care. I'm studying better, more focused, and working with tutors three times a week. I never thought I'd put this much effort into school. I'm OK with getting all the work done. " *

Crystal (16), Burnie

"The other day I started chatting to this person in the supermarket. Just a short chat but normally I wouldn't do that. I've found myself talking to more people at school. It's good, I don't feel so lonely now. I'm actually catching up with mates after school instead of being on YouTube all the time. It's fun playing soccer and doing stuff." *


- Justin (14), Devonport

"I don't notice the over thinking and worrying now. I didn't realise it was there so much until now because it's gone. Now I'm more motivated to do things instead of binge eating and being nervous and fidgeting all the time. I used to think all that was normal. I'm a lot calmer and feel more relaxed and lighter. I'm not worried about what people think of me. Or when someone does something, there doesn't have to be a reason behind it." *



- Sophie (15), Devonport

"I organised sessions for my 14 year old daughter. She had a friend who was self-harming and I could see she was worried about that and her school work. I didn't know what I could do to help her. Teresa was really relaxed during sessions which helped relax my daughter. She had a way of asking questions which brought out answers I hadn't expected. The phone chats I had with Teresa were invaluable. I learned a lot about how the mind works, different strategies and ways of phrasing questions. My daughter is happier, calmer and enjoying school." *


- Cherie, Launceston

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